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Welcome to Acorn Steiner Initiative Parent and Child and Kindergarten

Due to concerns about the severe weather warning for Saturday the full Lantern Festival has been rescheduled to Saturday 6th February to celebrate Imbolc/ Candlemas, and will run at The Sanctuary as previously planned for Saturday.

Tickets already purchased are valid for the February festival. We apologise for any disappointment, but we felt safety was most important.

However as we still wish to celebrate Martinmas with Acorn Steiner Friends and Family there will be a smaller, mainly indoor event for on Saturday from 4pm at the Sanctuary.

As it is essential to the ongoing success of Acorn Steiner Initiative we will still be fundraising and will ask 1 per person.

We will hold the cafe, singing and stalls indoors (food contributions are still appreciated).

Freyja fairy will still appear and there will be a chance to visit the grottos and some of the lanterns will be displayed indoors. We will have some LED candles for lanterns if you still want to bring yours.

We appreciate your ongoing support and will make the event a lovely one.

February (rescheduled) Lantern Festival Tickets ON SALE

To purchase tickets for the Lantern Festival on 6th February 2015 please follow the Shop  link in the side menu.
Please also publicise and share the event, and ask your friends to come along and support us whilst enjoying this lovely festival.
See films from 2012 and 2011 at our previous venue under Upcoming Events in the side menu

Lantern workshops are being held at The Bureau Centre for the Arts, St John's Church, Victoria St, Blackburn BB16DW,; on Thursday 29th October and Saturday 7th November from 10.30am-2.30pm.

* Lanterns 5-, 7, 10 depending on size.

Please email info@acornsteiner.co.uk to book a place on the workshops. Prices vary from £5 to £10 per lantern depending on size made, rather than cost per person.

Committee members and Trustees needed

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Friends,

We are writing to inform you that ASI are calling an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) as we will soon not have enough Trustees to fulfil our legal requirements as a charity and therefore will be in breach of charity law and not able to continue operating. Unfortunately our new chair person was unable to fulfil the role and our secretary, Fran Riley, will be stepping down shortly after 3 years of much appreciated hard work. There will be vacancies for the positions of Chair person, Secretary and general Trustees which need to be filled at the EGM.

We are therefore asking for nominations of new trustees (with the consent of the person being nominated). We need at least 3 trustees at any one time so the more people we have as trustees, the better. For more information about being a Trustee please visit https://www.gov.uk/charity-trustee-whats-involved, speak to Leone or contact Fran on francesamurray@hotmail.com.

At the EGM we will be making decisions on your behalf that will affect you so it is important that you attend the meeting if you can or send along any suggestions/comments/offers of help before the meeting. Items on the agenda will include:

* Appointment of new Secretary, Chair person and general Trustees.

* How to create a more active Steiner Parent Community to spread the workload.

* The creation of a parent group to represent the views and ideas of all of our groups and ensure the smooth day to day running of the sessions.

* Discussion about the introduction of a differential payment scheme for parents that make voluntary contributions.

* The future of Bowley – whether or not to continue provision there.

Dates for Emergency General Meeting (all meetings will be held at Withgill as Sheila kindly offers this venue for free):

Friday 31st October, 10am (Kerris will run Forest school for children of suitable age).

Tuesday 11th November, 7pm.

Sunday 9th November, 2pm (Kerris will run Forest school for children of suitable age).

Please state your preference and the number and age of children you will be bringing on the sign-up sheets in sessions – the most popular day/time will be the date chosen for the EGM.

Jobs List

In sessions over the next few weeks there will be a Jobs List to help all parents/carers/grandparents to understand what goes on behind the scenes to keep ASI running smoothly. We are aware that most parents help out during sessions with the rota, but we are proposing that if every parent takes on one of the jobs on the list then we could spread our workload – taking the pressure off our very few trustees, volunteers and Leone. We’re certain that there’s a contribution that everyone can make, however small, and hope that this will help to strengthen the community that ASI aims to achieve.

Other news

It has been a particularly expensive half term at ASI with the new carpet and equipment being bought for Bowley and our annual insurance paid (totalling over £700 in additional expenditure).

If anyone can pay next half terms fees early then please do so.

We are also checking our finances to see if there are any outstanding payments from this half term so if you’ve forgotten to pay then please do so immediately. If you need to check whether or not you’ve paid then please ask Leone or contact Dan (our treasurer) on dan@rowbotstreet.co.uk (Everyone forgets sometimes!).

Lantern Festival

This year’s Lantern Festival will take place at The Sanctuary of Healing on Saturday 15th November. Further information and ticket sales coming soon!

If you and your children would like to make lanterns for the festival then sign up for one of our workshops in sessions or by contacting Kerris on shemustbemad@hotmail.com.

Dates for Lantern Making workshops at Maundy Furniture store, Accrington:

Wednesday 29th October 10am- 1pm

Saturday 8th November 10am – 1pm

If you can volunteer in any way for the Lantern Festival then please sign up to one of the jobs, leaving your name and contact phone number. If you would like more information about any of the jobs then please contact Kerris on shemustbemad@hotmail.com

There’s lots to look forward to this coming year and we’re sure that with a little bit of help from everyone we can continue to work together to make sure that we can all enjoy a Steiner inspired education.

With warm wishes, Acorn Steiner Committee.

 Current sessions

Places still available on most sessions- please ring Leone on 01200 427988 if you are interested in attending one of our groups.

Parent and Child Groups
Monday, 10am – 12noon: Withgill
 Tuesday, 9.45 – 11.45am: Bowlee Scout camp
Wednesday, 10am – 12 noon: Withgill

Little Kindergarten Session 10.00 - 12.00

Friday - Withgill

 Welcome Back

Dear Friends,

There are some very simple ways in which you can help Acorn Steiner

1. We’re asking everyone to pay their fees in advance by the 2nd week of term.

2. Bring a Friend For FREE! If you bring a new member along to any of the sessions they get their 1st session completely free.

3. Autumn Raffle – buy and sell our raffle
to be in with a chance of winning some lovely Steiner inspired prizes.

4. Donations – if you are in a position to make a one-off financial DONATION
(however small) to the group then this might just keep us in the black.

5. Give some time – if you can help with any of the jobs at sessions and festivals, or can think of any new ways of fundraising then let us know.

Please find above information about our groups, prices and term dates for this coming Autumn 2014 in the side menu (Fingers crossed!).

With warm wishes,

Acorn Steiner Committee

A practical note from Leone:

Little Kindergarten:

While the weather is warm and kind we hope to spend a good part of this session outside.
Please provide your children with a good waterproof coat and trousers (or dungarees), hat, gloves and wellingtons boots, every week.
Please put all outside clothing in one bag, labelled clearly with your child’s name.

Please ensure that a bag with spare clothes is left in your child’s basket.
As the weather becomes more autumnal, warm fleeces or jumpers will keep your children happy outside. Please take your child to the toilet as soon as you arrive. Thank you.

Sincere thanks to the Acorn Steiner Committee and volunteers, who continue to meet
regularly, support, organise and offer so much to our community. This small group of parents would welcome any interest or offers of support, ideas etc. Please come and join.

We look forward to seeing you and your children again soon.
With warm wishes,