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Welcome to Acorn Steiner Initiative Parent and Child and Kindergarten

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Friends,

 22nd February 2014

Acorn Steiner Initiative currently offers a 2 hour Kindergarten session on Friday mornings at Withgill, for those young children who have enjoyed parent and child, and whose parents wish them to continue with the philosophy of a Steiner Kindergarten/early years setting. T

he time constraints of the Kindergarten provision are due to the size of the room and the present qualifications of Leone Wilson (Leone is Level 2 qualified, which means that each child may only remain at a setting for up to 2 hours). This one day a week session is really a “stepping stone”, helping child and parent get used to coming to a session and learning to manage independently, in a familiar and quiet setting.

This time scale inevitably limits the “value” of the Kindergarten to the child, and a longer session with two or more running on consecutive days, would ensure greater benefit to children attending.

The philosophy advises that a child of three and a quarter years could attend for three mornings. If a Kindergarten is full-time, the child would attend the number of mornings of their years (4 and a half years = 4 mornings; this can be a consideration when beginning other pre-school sessions).
The reason for a minimum ideal of three mornings means the children “absorb” the routine, the philosophy, the songs and stories etc. so completely, that the values of this education nourish each child more deeply and fully.

As some of you may be aware, Acorn Steiner previously ran a full-time Kindergarten, in the Clitheroe area, from Monday to Friday 9.15am-1.15pm for children aged 3-7 years. The Kindergarten was run by a full-time, trained, Steiner Waldorf Kindergarten teacher. In addition, three afternoon child care sessions ran on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The provision of a full time Kindergarten was down to the hard work and commitment of a group of ten parents, who all helped to establish the Kindergarten and took responsibility for different roles to ensure the safe and successful running of the sessions.

Although parents employed a full time Kindergarten teacher and assistant to run the sessions, parents each had voluntary roles, such as parent helper, administrator, and financial manager to keep up to date with Ofsted requirements.

We know that the parents of the children attending our current Kindergarten session and those whose children will be moving on from Parent and Child, really value the provision of a Kindergarten; at present, we have reached maximum numbers (10 children) and have a waiting list.

 We would therefore like to invite all those interested in developing the Kindergarten for their children, to a meeting at Withgill Fold, Withgill, Near Mitton, Whalley, BB7 3LW on Friday 28th February at 9.50am for a 10am start.

Some parents have already confirmed their attendance on the sign-up sheet and we would appreciate it if anyone who will be attending will let Leone or Rachael (rachaelmchugh@gmail.com) know, so we can plan for refreshments.

This will be a child friendly meeting in the Parent and Child room at Withgill. The Kindergarten group have kindly offered to have their first part of the session outdoors, so can parents of these children please have them dressed in warm, waterproof clothing when children arrive.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to your suggestions.

Warm Wishes, Staff and Committee of ASI

Easter Egg Hunt

- Sunday 20th April 10.30 - 12.00 (approx), £3 per child, £5 per family.

This is a lovely annual event that takes place in the garden at Withgill (address above).

10.30 am: Everyone gathers in the courtyard area outside the Parent and Child room, for a drink and a hotcross bun (Contributions gratefully received).

11.00am: When everyone has arrived, the morning search will be explained to the children - The Easter Hare may have visited and together we will look for little nests near the ground, in which the hare may have left something for us to find!

We will carry larger baskets to gather in all that is found and to share out at the end of the festival.

When the hunt has finished, we will make our way to the courtyard area for each child to plant some seeds in a pot.

To end our morning everyone will gather on the grass by the willow shelter, to form a large ring. The Eggs will then be shared out to each child in turn. Our “Goodbye Song” will close our morning together as usual.

Please bring a small basket or bag for your child to collect and receive some little eggs and a beaker or cup for the drink upon arrival.

Please dress warmly, hats etc strong footwear or wellington boots, the garden can get waterlogged in places.

If you and your family would like to come please let Leone know by Wednesday 26th March. This is important to help us prepare. Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you and your family soon.

With warm wishes,

Staff and Committee of Acorn Steiner.

 Current sessions

Places still available on most sessions- please ring Leone on 01200 427988 if you are interested in attending one of our groups.

Parent and Child Groups
Monday, 10am – 12noon: Withgill
 Tuesday, 9.45 – 11.45am: Accrington
Wednesday, 10am – 12 noon: Withgill

Little Kindergarten Session 10.00 - 12.00

Friday - Withgill

 Welcome Back

Dear Friends,

There are some very simple ways in which you can help Acorn Steiner

1. We’re asking everyone to pay their fees in advance by the 2nd week of term.

2. Bring a Friend For FREE! If you bring a new member along to any of the sessions they get their 1st session completely free.

3. Autumn Raffle – buy and sell our raffle
to be in with a chance of winning some lovely Steiner inspired prizes.

4. Donations – if you are in a position to make a one-off financial DONATION
(however small) to the group then this might just keep us in the black.

5. Give some time – if you can help with any of the jobs at sessions and festivals, or can think of any new ways of fundraising then let us know.

Please find above information about our groups, prices and term dates for this coming Autumn 2013 in the side menu (Fingers crossed!).

With warm wishes,

Acorn Steiner Committee

A practical note from Leone:

Little Kindergarten:

While the weather is warm and kind we hope to spend a good part of this session outside.
Please provide your children with a good waterproof coat and trousers (or dungarees), hat, gloves and wellingtons boots, every week.
Please put all outside clothing in one bag, labelled clearly with your child’s name.

Please ensure that a bag with spare clothes is left in your child’s basket.
As the weather becomes more autumnal, warm fleeces or jumpers will keep your children happy outside. Please take your child to the toilet as soon as you arrive. Thank you.

Sincere thanks to the Acorn Steiner Committee and volunteers, who continue to meet
regularly, support, organise and offer so much to our community. This small group of parents would welcome any interest or offers of support, ideas etc. Please come and join.

We look forward to seeing you and your children again soon.
With warm wishes,